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Dental Implants


A missing tooth spoils a lovely smile and confidence. Replacing a missing tooth is important both for the appearance and for the health of the patient. Dental Implants act as giving an appearance similar to natural teeth, providing confidence to the patient. Implants at Le Thia Cares closely resemble natural teeth. Implants are made from titanium metal that is inserted inside the bone, thus replacing a missing root. These implants get fused with the bone thus mimicking the natural root. The artificial teeth are then attached on top of the implants. Balding occurs due to progressive hair loss and affects people across all age groups, even those in their early 20s Advanced solutions are now available for treating hair thinning and hair loss. Le Thia Cares specialises in providing non-surgical hair regrowth treatment to regain lost hair naturally, With the largest team of doctors at Le Thia Cares.



At Le Thia Cares Braces treatment helps in correcting the irregularities of the tooth, thus providing a more aesthetic look. At the same time correction of teeth also helps in easier bite, chew, and speaking. Braces are the traditional way of correcting malaligned teeth. This treatment at Le Thia Cares takes a Few sessions for the complete correction of teeth, thus providing a sustainable result.

Denture (Partial /Complete)


It acts as a replacement for the missing teeth as well as for the surrounding tissues. With years of advances in dentistry, there are different types of dentures that look more natural and fitted. We at Le Thia Cares help our patients to restore the charm on their faces.

Bridges And Crowns


A beautiful smile is a promise which can be achieved by replacing the missing tooth with crowns that looks more similar to a natural tooth. Crowns are used to place on top of the root canal treated teeth, whereas bridges for the replacement of missing teeth. Removable options of the missing teeth are tough to maintain and also take more time for the patient to get used to it. Thus a fixed option is more comfortable for the patients to maintain and to get adapted to it.



Clear aligners / Invisalign is a great alternative for any traditional braces in almost every condition of the patients, as Invisalign trays are removable, it won’t affect hygiene ( brushing )or eating habits in any way. The material used at Le Thia Cares in Invisalign is clear plastics which are much more comfortable than bulky, metal braces, also the irritations caused by the traditional braces can also be avoided with the use of Invisalign. Invisalign uses a clear plastic that is almost invisible once you wear it.



Root canal treatment is done where the infection is reached till the pulp and the patient is experiencing pain and sensitivity. In this treatment, the filling is done till the root end. The treatment at Le Thia Cares can be done as a single sitting one-day procedure or as two days procedure depending on the severity of the infection. After the completion of the RCT, it is advised to place a crown to maintain structure and add strength.

Dental Fillings


There are many factors that affect the oral hygiene of a patient. Improper diet and oral hygiene can lead to the development of dental caries. It is always easier to treat when the diagnosis is done at the early stages of caries, where the decayed part of the tooth is removed with instruments and the structure of the tooth is established using filling materials. With the advancement in dentistry, conventional filling materials are replaced with more aesthetic materials which match the shade close to the teeth thus providing an aesthetic appearance.

Extraction / Wisdom Tooth Removal


There are many reasons why your dentist will inform you about extracting your teeth. One of the major reasons is when the tooth is decayed in such a way that restoration of the teeth is impossible. In the case of certain orthodontic treatments extraction of a permanent tooth is indicated. Wisdom teeth extractions are more complicated when compared to normal tooth extractions. At Le Thia Cares, our most experienced surgeon will check the X-ray of the tooth to be removed, and then with the help of local anesthesia, the procedure will be done.

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