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Body Therapy


Le Thia Cares invites you to enjoy a re-energizing full body therapy. Our Professional body therapist are ready to transform your pain and relieve your stress. Body Therapy not only makes you feel good, but also help to stimulate a positive change to your body. Body Therapy at Le Thia Cares improve the metabolic rate with Proper Circulation of Blood, Reduce the Fat Levels, Cure Insomnia and make way for a Healthy Appetite.

Body Toning


Body Toning is basically tightening the skin and reducing the sagging. While you lose weight, there are chances that you might lose muscles as well or suffer from skin sagging. Le Thia Cares offer the most non-invasive treatments that improve the appearance of our body’s skin and reshaping it.

Cryolipolysis (Cool Sculpting)


Cool Sculpting is the world’s number One non-invasive and safe fat reduction system. Which is only FDA cleared fat freezing treatment, which permanently and safely removes 20-25% of the fat cells in the treated area. No needles, no surgery, no downtime! unlike other sculpting procedures.

Unwanted Fat


Whether it’s a mum tum or bingo wings, many of us have ‘Pinchable’ areas of stubborn body fat that we’d rather not have. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, these stubborn areas of fat can be hard to remove despite proper dieting and exercise. Le Thia Cares Reducing this unwanted body fat and improves our appearance and self-confidence.

Inch Loss Treatment


Despite shedding weight, most of us fail to flaunt a toned look because belly fat removal seems next to impossible! It is equally challenging to lose inches from the arm, waistline and thigh or get rid of lower back fat and armpit bulge. If inch loss service is on your mind, you are on the right hand. Joint Le Thia Cares before it’s too late!

Body Contouring Treatment


Body Contouring treatments enjoy enormous popularity due to our eternal desire to look and feel good. However, fat bulges and saggy skin may result in a poorly defined body shape that may adversely affect our appearance and curtail our outfit options. Fret no more! Many non-surgical, safe and scientifically-backed procedures are now available at Le Thia Cares for effective body sculpting that offer visible and sustainable results!

Figure Correction


For your complete figure correction each area will be addresses separately to achieve a desired result. Experts in Le Thia Cares will guide you the proper treatment. Our team comprises the best sculptures in the industry that will help you achieve the perfect figure.

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